John Martin

John Martin
Great Day of his Wrath

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Realise, something sobering this way comes.

In the void of crisis only you can hear your prayers,

Chasing shadows and grasping at air...

...keep on screaming in your own head.

Become your own god or no one will ever answer, then you realize that we are lonely islands in a vast sea.

Sailing to foreign horizons to encounter another,

Alienated by consciousness and perception and propped up by Ego.

Dethrone your inner deity for there are no masters.

Everything that is subjected to change is impermanent and attachment leads to suffering.

We’re not so different…

…and I’m just as insane as you are in fact.

Escape delusion and embrace the absurdity. Relish being with a whole heart in its emptiness and suchness.

That void that stares back into your heart shatters it each time you try and fight it.

Be not the candle in the dark but use the darkness to emancipate yourself.

What do you seek?

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