John Martin

John Martin
Great Day of his Wrath

Saturday, 6 November 2010

The Eerie cold.

What a cracking album still after 5 years, the intro still makes laugh.

“Oh look at all the pathetic black clad wannabes running off to buy the new shining album, yeah. Within the framework of our scene this shit’s the latest thing. Something to take a stand for right? Something new and oh so evil. I mean shit! What could possibly be more true than suicide right?

What you ignorant little fucks don’t seem to be getting though, what oh so very few of you don’t seem to realise at all, that this is no fucking joke. Far too many of you haven’t questioned yourself nearly enough to deserve to pretend to feel at home with this music. And honestly most of you are even more degenerate and shallow than the commercial mainstream you pride yourself SO for hating, Hate, you don’t know what real hatred is and consequently horror is just a joke to you. In reality humanity is horror. Just think of the putrid decadence and inner ugliness passed down genetically to all of us. We’ll all potential child rapists, flaming homosexuals, murderers, thieves and any other egocentric dung you can think of.

And as much as it might appeal to you to support all this, in essence our nature. It’s just pathetic since you’d shit in your fucking panties if confronted by the real world out there.

And what is with you fucking morons, dissing men like Eminem and Manson. What? Is that jealously due to the fact of them bringing this shit to the masses without pretensions for style? I mean at least in their case the audience reflects the artist right?

Which is something that can’t be said for shining now is it? So take a long good look at yourself because maybe Shining isn’t really your thing. Maybe you should just turn on the radio and forgot all about these obscure releases you have to buy in order to listen to. And maybe you should just give the fuck up understanding the perspectives of schizophrenics and psychos making art just to destroy the minds of stupid little kids with too big allowances. Shining is not into building an army. Shining is not a promise for the future… Shining is just the pain of being human, here and now. If you’re into the whole organised misanthropy thing I suggest you go for shit like Dimmu Borgir instead, like me.

Anyway on behalf on shining and it’s my honour to extend a general death wish to all you fucking retards. Ah, fuck you.”

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